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HOMENAGE A POSADA (Traveling exhibit)

About Posada 

José Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913) was the father of Mexican printmaking; it can be argued that he is responsible for the popularity of skeletons in popular U.S. culture today. Posada used skeletons in his political cartoons he created in Mexico City at the turn of the last century. This is an exhibit of colorful, exuberant posters created by talented contemporary artists and designers from all over Latin American in homage to Posada. 

About the Exhibit

Homage to Posada is an exhibit consisting of images created by designers all over Latin America to commemorate 100 years since the death of José Guadalupe Posada. It was first exhibited in Mexico in 2012. Thanks to our partnership with the Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City, we have been able to create the exhibit in Utah. The exhibit will inspire students to create artwork exploring their family history and also for Day of the Dead, which could include altars to lost loved ones, decorated skulls, paper flowers, and cartoons. Along with the exhibit is a bilingual, looping powerpoint about the artist and the indigenous traditions from which he drew in creating his art, as well as the legacy of his artwork.

Made Possible by

This exhibit is presented in partnership with the Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City. Utah Humanities Council provided funding for the educational component, and Utah Division of Arts & Museums provided funding for printing. A grant from Wells Fargo Bank funds the traveling exhibit.


October 18 - December 19, 2013, Utah Valley University, 3rd Floor

November 1-2, 2013, Thanksgiving Point, Lehi

October 16 - Nov. 7, 2013, Utah Cultural Celebration Center, West Valley

August, 2014, Helper, Utah (Helper Arts Festival)

September, 2014, Southern Utah University Student Center

October - November, 2014, Salt Lake Community College


Jose Guadalupe Posada - English

José Guadalupe Posada - Spanish

Posada video on YouTube, Spanish

Posada Timeline (English) from Charlot Collection. Jean Charlot helped save and catalog the work of Posada. 

Posada Chronología, INBA

Taller de Gráfica Popular: Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley (Printingmaking workshop in Mexico inspired by Posada)


Day of the Dead curriculum, assignments in English and Spanish: http://www.azcentral.com/ent/dead/